Silicon Valley's Mobile Acceleration Fund

Tandem is more than just an investor.

We become your partner for the next six months

With Tandem, managing all these tasks gets get a lot simpler and your probability of success rises!
  • We roll up our sleeves and work directly with you,
    serving as your extended team
  • We help where you need it, freeing you to
    focus on what you do best
The Path
Secure Funding
  • Tandem invests $200K in each mobile startup and works closely with the team for an initial 6-month period. This allows each team to focus on gaining traction without having to wait for other capital. We work with founders to bring in other investors as the business gains momentum.
  • Tandem has the ability to invest considerable additional time and capital in each business as needed.
Refine Strategy
  • Driving mass production adoption is typically the greatest challenge a business faces. Tandem works with the team closely to figure out how to gain an unfair advantage in this area.
  • We like to have a clear understanding of the “why” and the “wow:” why a user will want the product and how they will be wowed by it. We also think through what channels and platforms can be leveraged to drive distribution and look carefully at the competition to determine what has worked and what hasn’t. With all this in mind, we counsel the team on selecting a differentiated path that has a strong probability of success.
Assemble Team
  • Strategy does not matter at all if the team cannot execute. For this reason, the quality of the team comes first for Tandem.
  • Tandem works closely with the original founding team immediately following its investment, often making immediate additional hiring unnecessary. We will work with the founders to add other high quality team members at the appropriate time, using our strong network of technology executives and entrepreneurs to help find the best people.
Deliver Solution
  • Tandem believes in getting a minimum viable product to market quickly. The team can then observe user reactions and react accordingly.
  • Tandem will help provide input to product design and technical architecture but leaves the primary development work to the company. Where needed, we can get involved in designing database schemas, analytics frameworks and security architectures.
Measure & Iterate
  • Tandem lives and breathes business data. We push our teams to instrument their products from end to end and measure all user actions.
  • As the team collects data on the use of its products, Tandem helps analyze the results and determine how to adjust product design and business strategy. We come up with ideas and suggestions on things to try, but leave the ultimate decisions on the product and business to the team.
Grow User Traction
  • A great product can spread by word of mouth alone these days now that Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms amplify users’ voices so much.
  • However, Tandem does not rely on products to take off on their own. We work closely with the team to use social media, public relations and channel partnerships to drive user numbers through the roof wherever possible.
  • It is important to think about product monetization from day one even when delaying its implementation.
  • Tandem is experienced with optimizing monetization in advertising, subscription and ecommerce models and often works with a team to try multiple approaches before settling on the right one. We look to set each team up with great investors and executives who can add great value in this area once we are no longer as actively involved.