Silicon Valley's Mobile Acceleration Fund

Silicon Valley’s Mobile Acceleration Fund

Investing muscle capital in 6 great startups at a time

$200,000 initial investment per company
on-site collaboration for first 6 months
90% success rate
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We make $200K initial investments in up to 6 great mobile startups at a time. If you’re a visionary, talented entrepreneur in the mobile space, send us your application by April 6, 2014.

Tandem is very selective so be sure to tell us what makes you stand out and show off your ability to deliver stellar products!

In the Media

What our Tandem-backed Founders say

“Tandem has been the perfect partner, initially helping Playhaven find its product-market fit and then helping recruit great executives and investors as we swung into growth mode.”

~ Andy Yang | CEO, Playhaven

“We landed at Tandem after Y Combinator, and the Tandem team added tremendous value the areas of business development and marketing from day one.”

~ David Zhao | CEO, ZumoDrive

“If you are looking for an all-weather partner who works with you to find your product-market fit, and then opens up their rolodex to help accelerate you into growth mode, Tandem is a one-stop shop.”

~ Sumit Gupta | CEO, BitRhymes

"Tandem cheered for us when things went well and problem-solved with us when things got tough. No formal Board presentations, no issues with control…the guys from Tandem sat on our side of the table."

~ Jason Freedman | Co-Founder, FlightCaster

"Tandem invested money in Attassa, but more importantly, delivered deep experience, an incredible network of contacts and an extended team as committed to Attassa’s success as we were. Doug, Sunil and Joyo were essential in helping us find our market, grow our business, and eventually find our new home with Yousendit."

~ Rod Frey

What makes us unique


Tandem picks just 6 new companies at a time. Putting more money and time in fewer start-ups lets us provide deeper engagement, which leads to a higher percentage of successes.


Mentoring and advising from a distance isn’t always helpful. We invite startups to join us on site for 6 months, and then roll up our sleeves to help address the tough challenges they face every day.


A tremendous amount of progress can be made on mobile businesses in months – and even weeks. We work closely with teams to get their products to market quickly, observe customer engagement, and then react and iterate accordingly.